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Learn English in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is the ideal town in which to learn English for people who are looking for a school at a seaside location away from the capital. Bournemouth has 12 km of sandy beaches and has won many awards for water quality. It is perhaps the top seaside resort in England, but still a friendly town with lots to do when school is out for the day.

Travel within Bournemouth is easy and most English language schools are within walking distance of the town centre. Connections to the rest of England are excellent. London, Oxford, Cambridge are very easy to get to by train or coach. Bournemouth has its own airport connecting it to the rest of Europe. See the website www.bournemouth.co.uk for more information.

There are some very large language schools in Bournemouth, so remember to ask the school how many students are there at the time you want to go, if you want a smaller school. There are also many English schools that are not accredited, so you have no idea of the standards maintained by the school. An accredited school (for example by the British Council) is usually inspected, so you should be reasonably sure of the quality of your English course.

31 Language schools found in Bournemouth

1. Anglo European School of English
55 Landsdowne Road, Bournemouth BH1 1RN England Telephone: ++44 1202 558658

2. Anglo World Education (UK) Ltd
130-136 Poole Road Bournemouth BH4 9EF England Telephone: ++44 1202 760805

3. Anglo-Continental
29-35 Wimborne Road Bournemouth BH2 6NA England Telephone: ++44 1202 557414

4. BEET Language Centre
Nortoft Road Bournemouth BH8 8PY England Telephone: ++44 1202 397721
Email: beet@dial.pipex.com

5. bespoke languages tuition
29 Bodorgan Road Bournemouth BH2 6NQ England Telephone: ++44 1202 280507
Email: info@bespokelanguagestuition.com Website: www.bespokelanguagestuition.com
We provide bespoke French tuition, German tuition and Spanish tuition for children, teenagers, university students and adult learners of all levels and abilities. Our range of bespoke Educational Services is designed to facilitate and enrich the language learning experience. Whilst offering bespoke 11 Plus tuition to Grammar School candidates in Bournemouth and Poole, we provide an array of ESOL and EAL services for International Students, including preparation courses for Cambridge FCE, CAE and IELTS examinations. We aim to provide outstanding tutoring services, tailored to the needs of the individual, inspiring confidence, motivation and interest, to produce results which exceed expectations.

6. Bournemouth and Poole College
The Lansdowne Bournemouth BH1 3JJ England Telephone: ++44 1202 205161
Email: international@bpc.ac.uk

7. Bournemouth Business School International
Avon House, 26 St Peters Road Bournemouth BH1 2LW England Telephone: ++44 1202 780777

8. Bournemouth International Language College
Suite 3, 53 Portchester Rd, Charminster Bournemouth BH8 8JU England Telephone: ++44 1202 318269
Email: efl@bilc.co.uk

9. Capital School of English
324 Wimborne Road Bournemouth BH9 2HH England Telephone: ++44 1202 546875
Email: info@capitalschool.co.uk Website: www.capitalschool.co.uk
Capital School of English has been created and staffed by a truly committed and vibrant team providing a professional and courteous service. Being independent, Capital School of English is looking to make a real difference in Bournemouth in terms of being a centre for Educational Excellence. As a newly accredited school, by the British Council, we look forward to enhancing our position in the local and overseas markets offering a range of competitively priced courses to suit all levels from General English to Exam preparation.

10. Cavendish School of English
63 Cavendish Road Bournemouth BH1 1RA England Telephone: ++44 1202 77 00 70
Email: bprice@cavendishschool.com

11. Centre School of English
Albert House, 10 Albert Road Bournemouth BH1 1BZ England Telephone: ++44 1202 292323

12. Cultural Fluency
17 Stour Road Christchurch BH23 2JT England Telephone: ++44 1202 478288
Email: enquire@cultural-fluency.com

13. Dorset English Language Institute
Wessex House, Gervis Place Bournemouth BH1 2AL England Telephone: ++44 1202 316611
Email: dorset@dial.pipex.com

14. Educational Training Centre
24 West Hill Road Bournemouth BH2 5PG England Telephone: ++44 1202 559044
Email: 104160.1371@compuserve.com

15. ETC International College
24, West Hill Road Bournemouth BH2 5PG England Telephone: ++44 1202559044
Email: info@etc-inter.net
ETC International College is an English language school accredited by the British Council, established in 1989 and experienced in providing English language training and Special Purposes courses. For people who would like to communicate more effectively in English by improving grammatical knowledge, language skills and confidence in our General English courses. To help people in their exams and assist them to obtain the best possible results on our Exam Preparation courses. For academics, specialists, technicians and professionals who would like to enhance their specialist language ability on our Special Purposes courses. For people who need to develop their language skills on our English for Executives courses.

16. Eurocentres Bournemouth
26 Dean Park Road Bournemouth BH1 1HZ England Telephone: ++44 1202 55 44 26
Email: bth-info@eurocentres.com

17. Europa School of English
214 Old Christchurch Road Bournemouth BH1 1PE England Telephone: ++44 1202 553 145
Email: info@europa-school.co.uk

18. Interlink School of English
126 Richmond Park Road Bournemouth BH8 8TH England Telephone: ++44 1202 290983
Email: english@ilse.co.uk

19. International Language Academy
Hinton Chambers, Hinton Road Bournemouth BH1 2EN England Telephone: ++44 1202 557522
Email: ilabourn@rmplc.co.uk

20. International Teaching and Training Centre
674 Wimborne Road Bournemouth BH9 2EG England Telephone: ++44 1202 531355
Email: Enquiries@ittc.co.uk

21. King's Junior School
282 Iford Lane, Tuckton Bournemouth BH6 5NQ England Telephone: ++44 1202 430040
Email: kings@lds.co.uk

22. King's School of English
58 Braidley Road Bournemouth BH2 6LD England Telephone: ++44 1202 293535
Email: kings@lds.co.uk

23. MLS International College
8 / 9 Verulam Place Bournemouth BH1 1DW England Telephone: ++44 1202 291556

24. Oxford Hall Residential School of English
6 Sandbourne Road Bournemouth BH4 8JH England Telephone: ++44 1202 761016
Email: oxhall@btinternet.com

25. Richard Language College
43-45 (T) Wimborne Road Bournemouth BH3 7AB England Telephone: ++44 1202 555932

26. Scanbrit Examination Centre
Wollaston Road Bournemouth BH6 4ES England Telephone: ++44 1202 430110
Email: wes@scanbrit.co.uk

27. Scanbrit School of English
22 Church Road Bournemouth BH6 4AT England Telephone: ++44 1202 428252
Email: info@scanbrit.co.uk

28. SNT International College
Gervis Place, 1st- 3rd Floors Bournemouth England Telephone: ++44 1202 310500
Email: info@sntcollege.co.uk

29. Southampton City College
St Mary Street Southampton SO14 1AR England Telephone: ++44 2380484848
Email: information@southampton-city.ac.uk
City College has over 1000 full time and 9000 part time students, and offers a wide choice of full-time vocational courses including media, catering, IT, marine technology and technical theatre. The college also delivers an extensive part-time programme that includes leisure and qualification courses, plus tailored training for employers. City College also offers English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) as part of its language school provision. To find out more about courses available at City College please give us a call on 02380 484848.

30. Southbourne School of English
30 Beaufort Road, Southbourne Bournemouth BH6 5AL England Telephone: ++44 1202 422300
Email: details@southbourneschool.co.uk

31. Westbourne English Language School
Pearl Assurance Hse, 2nd Floor, 128/130 Old Christchurch Rd Bournemouth BH1 1NL England Telephone: ++44 1202 294054
Email: welschool@bournemouth-net.co.uk

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