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Possible questions to ask your chosen language school.

1. Is the school accredited, and by whom?
Many schools in England are accredited by the British Council, which means they are regulary inspected by people from outside the school. Becoming an ABLS member (Association of British Language Schools) is much easier for a school and the ABLS is generally not considered as highly as Bristish Council accreditation. Many smaller schools simply cannot afford to become British Council accredited as the costs run into thousands of pounds. As a result a British Council schools tend to be more expensive. There are plenty of good schools that are not British Council accredited. In Malta we recommend you book with a FELTOM member.

2. What is the maximum and the average class size?
This will have a large impact on the price! Language courses with a maximum of 25 students are available for 30 pounds per week. If you want small classes expect to pay more!

3. What is the minimum qualification that my teacher will have?

4. Approximately what percentage of people from my own country will be at the school when I come?

5. Are registration, assessment and book costs included in the price?

6. How many people will be at the school when I come?

7. What accommodation options are available?

8. What social programme is offered?

9. How many different level classes will there be when I come?

10. Are there any other costs e.g. Internet, excursions?

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