English Language Tests (Part A)

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This English language test is a multiple-choice grammar test which only gives an indication of level. It test is made up of 100 questions and divided into Part A (25), Part B (40) and Part C (35). Please keep a note of how many points you scored in each part. Do not spend more than 1 hour in total on the whole test and do not use a dictionary or other help. To find your total score add your 3 scores from each part together and look at the level table here.

Section 1

Elvis Presley on January 8th 1935, in Tulepo, Mississippi. His parents often Elvis to church. That's where he first learned .
feel that these religious songs had a big influence on Elvis' singing style. Then, when he was a teenager, Elvis live in Memphis, Tennessee. He went to the local High School where he was average student. The thing he was really interested in was music. At the recording studio in Memphis, he two songs for his mother's birthday. was called “That's all right Mama”. later, Elvis met Colonel Tom Parker, who took over Elvis' career. Some years later, Elvis Hollywood films like “King Creole”. He made films, some people say too many. Some of them were not good. Elvis died aged 42. It was a sudden death came as a shock. Everyone knew Elvis was the king of rock 'n roll, and everyone knows he the king.

Section 2

Smallpox is a very serious disease and no cure for it. In Asia it killed three out of ten victims. The smallpox virus from one person to another. The virus only live in another person. It cannot survive in , animals or food. So if one person has smallpox, he or she in contact with another small pox patient at some time. If a person comes into contact with a smallpox patient and picks up the virus, he the disease immediately. Only after fourteen days The only protection smallpox is vaccination. The last smallpox patient was reported in Somalia in 1977.

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